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A 25-Year Guarantee Clinched The Decision To Re-Roof Westminster Cathedral In Asphalt.

Abutments to the copper domes and brick parapets were the biggest challenge.

Abutments to the Copper Domes and Brick Parapets
were the biggest challenge.
Illustration: RIBAJ

This Article can be read in full at RIBAJ

When Westminster Cathedral’s roof was first asphalted, back in 1903, it would have utilised naturally-occurring asphalt deposits dug up from an overseas lake.

These days, things are done a little differently. Instead, IKO’s Permaphalt – a polymer modified mastic asphalt – was specified for the extensive re-roofing of the Roman Catholic Cathedral by Cathedral Architect, Michael Drury from St Ann’s Gate Architects.

Illustration: RIBAJ

‘Asphalt had worked well for the Cathedral in the past and there was no reason why it shouldn’t again,’ he says, adding that the new roofing’s twenty-five-year guarantee clinched the decision for a like-for-like replacement.

Drury had identified the need to replace the roof surface as a priority, in his quinquennial inspection of the Cathedral, which was designed in the Early-Byzantine Style by J. F. Bentley. Although the roof had been repaired over the years, the report detected cracking in the surface and up-stands and the presence of moisture within.


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hitler Finds Out The UK Has Voted To Leave The European Union.

Hitler Finds Out The UK Has Voted To Leave The EU.
Available on YouTube at

The Holy Apostles Saint Peter And Saint Paul. Feast Day 29 June.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless otherwise stated.

The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
Feast Day 29 June.

Double of The First-Class
   with an Octave.

Red Vestments.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Artist: El Greco (1541–1614).
Current location: Hermitage Museum,
Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Source/Photographer; Hermitage Torrent.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Today, the whole Church rejoices, for "God has Consecrated this day by the Martyrdom of The Apostles Peter and Paul" (Collect). In both the Grand Basilicas erected at Rome over the tombs "of these two Princes, who, by The Cross and The Sword, have obtained their seat in The Eternal Senate," [Hymn at Vespers] this double Martyrdom was Celebrated.

Later, on account of the distance which separates the two Churches, the Festival was divided, Saint Peter being more specially honoured on 29 June and Saint Paul on 30 June.

Saint Peter, Bishop of Rome, is the Vicar, that is to say the visible representative of Christ. As is shown in the Preface, Alleluia, Gospel, Offertory and Communion, the Jews had rejected Jesus. They also rejected His successor (Epistle). Displacing the religious centre of the World, Saint Peter then left Jerusalem for Rome, which became The Eternal City and The Seat of The Popes.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
“Copyright Brunelmar/Ghent/Belgium”.
Used with Permission.

Saint Peter, the first Pope, speaks in the name of Christ, Who has communicated to him His Doctrine of Infallibility. He is not guided by flesh and blood, but by the Heavenly Father, Who does not permit the Gates of Hell to prevail against The Church of which he is the foundation (Gospel).

Saint Peter, on receiving The Keys, is placed at the head of the "Kingdom of Heaven" upon Earth, that is to say The Church, and he reigns in the name of Christ, Who has invested him with His Power and Supreme Authority (Gospel).

The names of Saint Peter and Saint Paul head head the names of The Apostles in The Canon of The Mass (First List).

With "The Church, which did not cease Praying to God for Saint Peter" (Epistle), let us Pray for his successor "the Servant of God, our Holy Father the Pope" (Canon of The Mass).

Every Parish Priest Celebrates Mass for the people of his Parish.

Mass: Nunc scio.

"Pater Noster" "Отче Наш" ("Otche Nash" - Church Slavonic) By Igor Stravinsky.

God The Father and Angel.
Artist: Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
Date: 1620.
Current location: Musei di Strada Nuova
Genoa, Italy.
(Wikimedia Commons)

"Pater Noster"
"Отче Наш"
("Otche Nash" - Church Slavonic)
by Igor Stravinsky.
Available on YouTube at

О́тче нашъ, И́же еси́ на небесѣхъ,
да свѧти́тсѧ и́мѧ Твое́,
да прїи́детъ ца́рствїе Твое́:
да будетъ волѧ Твоѧ, я́ко на небеси́ и на земли́,
хлѣбъ нашъ насу́щный даждь намъ днесь,
и оста́ви намъ до́лги нашѧ,
ѧкоже и мы ѡставлѧемъ должнико́мъ нашымъ,
и не введи́ насъ во искуше́нїе,
но изба́ви насъ от лука́ваго.

And again . . .

"Pater Noster"
by Igor Stravinsky.
Available on YouTube at

English: Igor Stravinsky's signature.
Español: Firma de Ígor Stravinski.
Date: 1946.
Source: Own work.
Author: Jarould.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Prime Minister Announces: "England Very Miffed With Iceland".

Illustration: MIRROR

At 11.15 a.m., this morning, Mr. Cameron broadcast to the nation the following statement.

"This morning, the British Ambassador in Reykjavík handed
the Icelandic Government a final Note, stating that, unless
we heard from them by 11 o'clock, that they were prepared
at once to have a replay of yesterday evening's football match,
a State of High Dudgeon would exist between us. 

I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that, consequently, this Country is very miffed with Iceland." 

God Save The Queen.

Gregorian Chant Of The Templars. Salve Regina. The Marian Anthem Of The Season.

"Mater Dolorosa"
(Mother of Sorrows).
Artist: Carlo Dolci (1616–1686).
Date: Circa 1650.
Current location: National Museum of Western Art,
Tokyo, Japan.
Source: Unknown.
(Wikimedia Commons)

"Salve Regina".
Chant of The Templars.
Available on YouTube at

The Biggest Pro-Life Event Of The Year. The All-Ireland Rally For Life. Belfast. 2 July 2016. Because Every Life Matters. Be There.

Illustration: LIFE INSTITUTE

For more information and updates, please visit the Web-Site at LIFE INSTITUTE

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